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Weapons Combat Escrima

Escrima, which gets its name from the Spanish word for fencing (“esgrima”), is together with Kali and Arnis, synonymous with Filipino Martial Arts, which focuses on armed combat. It is considered to be an effective and advanced form of armed combat, being taught to many military and police forces worldwide.

Weapons Combat Escrima  (Escrima within Weapons Combat Systems) is a mainly weaponry-based martial art, focusing on effective and realistic self-defense against armed and unarmed assailants. Our armed and unarmed techniques, therefore, are both simple and direct, and does not require high levels of physique or strength. In short, we aim at giving our students a realistic fighting chance against an armed assailant, regardless of whether the student is armed or not. 

Weapons Combat Escrima is weapon independent. In principle, this not only means that the student will be able to use an almost unlimited number of hand-to-hand combat weapons, but also that the student can use everyday objects as improvised weapons. The Escrimador (a practitioner of Escrima) soon learns to recognise potential weapons everywhere - kind of like Jason Bourne.

To attain this proficiency, the WCE program centres around a number of carefully selected core weapons, each of which will teach a particular set of new skills that also can be used in other contexts, i.e. with other weapons or as unarmed techniques. These include a single stick, double sticks, bladed weapons and staff. We believe that it is only through training with weapons that it is possible to gain the necessary skills and understanding for defending yourself against them.

Our no-nonsense approach to combat has been taught to a wide range of groups, including guards, doormen, and military and special police forces.  


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