Grandmaster Lars Lind

Lars Lind is the Grandmaster of Weapons Combat Systems.

Lars has studied and practiced martial arts for more than 40 years.

Together with Sifu Allan Jensen he founded the DEWTO (Danish Escrima and WingTsun Organisation), later changed to EWTO Scandinavia (Escrima and WingTsun Organisation Scandinavia) and now known as WingTsun Scandinavia.

He holds a Master grade in WingTsun and a Sifu title.

In 1982 he started teaching Latosa Escrima under Grandmaster Bill Newmann and Grandmaster Rene Latosa, arranging and attending seminars all over Europe many times a year with both whilst teaching weekly classes of Escrima in Denmark. He has been appointed Head Instructor in Escrima Concepts and has taught seminars for Scandinavian police and military forces. In addition to this, Lars has been an amateur military historian for more than 40 years with main interests in the Medieval and Napoleonic eras and the history of the British army. He has pursued this interest in his martial arts life and has been training with historical European weapons and teaching historical european martial arts since 1996.

He was a founding member of the European Historical Combat Guild and started the very first Chapter of the Guild in Copenhagen under the general direction of John Waller, Head of Interpretation of the Royal Armouries (Leeds).

In 2007, Lars founded his own system built on his years of experience in martial arts and interest in history, which combines both the practical and historical side of armed combat, namely Weapons Combat Systems. Lars holds the rank of Grandmaster and Chief Instructor in Weapons Combat Systems and has schools or groups in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Mexico and Canada. He is as active as ever and instructs classes and seminars in armed combat and weaponry understanding all over Scandinavia and Europe every month.


Phone:+45 21270669