Master Rolf Warming now Master of Weapons Combat Systems

At the Summercamp I had the pleasure of promoting Rolf Warming to 6. PG and giving him the title of Master of Weapons Combat System.

This makes him Master of Masters, head of my style and Chief Instructor of WCS.

As such, he will be taking over a lot my responsibilities, although I will remain active, continui to teach private students and hold seminars on an international level.

Good luck to Rolf with effort to continue to promote and teach Weapons Combat Systems in Scandinavia and beyond in collaboration with the many talented and supportive instructors in the system.

GM Lars Lind

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Summercamp 2017 over

I would like to thank all that participated in Weapons Combat Systems summercamp this weekend.

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Weapons Combat System Summercamp 2016

This years summercamp will be held the same place as 2016 (see below)

Price DKK 1000 for all days and meals (gradings NOT included)
Single day DKK 500

There is limited space inside so book to be sure to have a bed
You can also stay in tent - this will reduce the price with 200 DKK

Training schedule
Friday June 9.

Escrima (G) - GM Lars
Escrima Technicians (G) - Master Rolf


Escrima (G) - Senior Instructor Riis
WingTsun Longpole - Sifu Erik

Escrima – TBA
Historical Weapons Combat - Senior Instructor Bengt

Instructor meeting - Master Rolf
Free for private tuition


Saturday June 10.


Escrima (G) - GM Lars
Escrima Technicians (G) - Master Rolf


Sense of Urgency – Master Rolf

Escrima (G) – Senior Instructor Erik
WingTsun Longpole - WT GM Riis

Escrima (G) – Master Rolf
Historical Weapons Combat - Senior Instructor Andreas

Dinner and Summercamp party

Sunday June 11.


Escrima - free training for those who can and want to

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Tour of Finland 2017

GM Lars will soon embark on a longer tour in Finland starting in Helsinki Februar 24. and ending on March 3.

The tour will have four seminars:

Helsinki February 25. - Weapons Combat Escrima
Helsinki Fenruary 26. - Historical Weapons Combat

Ylivieska March 4. - Weapons Combat Escrima
Ylivieska March 5. - Historical Weapons Combat

For more info see Events

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WT Long pole I - Form and Basics in Copenhagen, Denmark

First seminar of 2017

WT Long pole I - Form and Basics
with Grandmaster Lars Lind

Sunday January 22. 2017
12:00 - 15:00

WT KBH, Gasværksvej 15D, København V

Price: 300 kr.

Start training WT weapons here or repeat if you already have participated

Limited number of participants

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Summercamp 2016

Huske tilmelding

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WT Longpole seminar I - History, form and basics

Extra Longpole seminar Saturday March 5. 12.00-15.00 in WT Copenhagen, Gasværksvej 15D

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Finnish Summercamp 2015

WCS has just attended the Finnish summercamp where Sifu Antti Ijas was presentet with his 5, PG and Master title in WingTsun.

Best wishes and congratulations from Weapons Combat System

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Temporary change in training schedule

There will be no evening class in Dueslaget, Auroravej 2 in all of July.

The class will start again in the beginning of August.

GM Lars or Master Rolf will in the rest of July be teaching every Thuesday 17.00-18.00 in Gasværksvej 15D.

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New HomePage

Welcome to the Weapons Combat Systems HomePage

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Gasværksvej 15D 

1. sal 1656 København V 

Phone:+45 21270669 

Mandag 17.45-19.00 
Tirsdag  17.30-19.00 
Torsdag 18.00-19.00