Weapons Combat Systems

Weapons Combat Systems (WCS) is a combat-oriented martial art, specialising in armed and unarmed combat against armed assailants in various forms.  WCS was developed by Grandmaster Lars Lind in 2007 based on the knowledge and skills gained from his +30 years of experience in FMA, Wing Tsun and historical European martial arts. It is currently taught in several schools across Europe and beyond, including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Mexico.

The system consists of three separate branches:
The different branches focus on separate aspects of armed combat but are unified by their simple and direct no-nonsense approach. Weapons Combat Systems aims at teaching realistic and effective self-defense in all three branches and their contexts.  

Weapons Combat Escrima

Escrima, which gets its name from the Spanish word for fencing (“esgrima”), is together with Kali and Arnis...

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Wing Tsun Weapons Combat

Weapons Combat Systems has a long history of collaborating with Wing Tsun (also spelt Ving Tsun, Wing Chun, etc.), a Chinese martial art focusing on u...

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Historical Weapons Combat

Historical Weapons Combat deals with armed combat from a historical perspective. Historical Weapons...

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